Tatooine Inhabitants: Native Creatures & Population

Tatooine is often mentioned in Star Wars, but who lives there? Who are the Tatooine inhabitants? How do the native creatures who live on Tatooine survive, and how did they get there. What major historical events in Star Wars happened on Tatooine to shape its population.

What do you call someone in Star Wars who is from Tatooine?

There is a running joke that the people from Tatooine are called “scum and villainy,” but what to call someone from Tatooine depends on what type of creature they are and what village they are from. For example, sand people were officially called Tusken Raiders. Because of the suns around this planet, it is difficult to get water, which keeps large populations from growing there. Those who live there have to find ways to get water and adapt to the harsh, dry conditions.

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Are any of the natives to Tatooine humans?

While Tatooine was not primarily human, many humans lived intermixed with the creatures on this planet. Humans were not native to this planet, though. It is believed that humans are native to the planet Coruscant. The humans who do live on Tatooine are called settlers because they came to Tatooine from somewhere else. It is commonly known that Luke Skywalker was raised with a family on Tatooine. Rey also lived on Tatooine for part of her life. Anakin Skywalker was a slave on Tatooine with his mother until he was freed. His mother’s family remained on Tatooine, where they were farmers. That is who raised Anakin’s son, Luke Skywalker, and kept him hidden from Darth Vader.

Tatooine Inhabitants

What other creatures live on Tatooine?


Hutts are a large species that look like a worm or slug. This species originated on the planet Nal Hutta and are not natives of Tatooine, but it is important to note that Jabba the Hutt was a crime lord who ruled from his palace on Tatooine. After Jabba’s death, his family comes to Tatooine to take over his rule but leaves when they find out it has been promised to someone else. That was the last known time that a Hutt was on the planet of Tatooine in Star Wars.


The Bantha is one of the most prominent animals shown in Star Wars. They can be compared to an extinct wooly mammoth. They are large, covered in fur, and have horns. Tusken Raiders use them as transportation and to carry things for them. They also use them for their milk (also known as Blue Milk). Boba Fett is seen riding a Bantha when he befriended the Tusken Raiders. 


These creatures were rare to see in Star Wars but were native to Tatooine. They lived deep below the sand. They traveled very quickly underground and could present danger to anyone who disrupted them. The Tatooine Dust Vipers, a gang on the planet, had one of these trained to use as a weapon against their enemies. 

Jawas and Tusken Raiders

These are the two main species of cloaked inhabitants on the Tatooine planet in Star Wars. They are always seen cloaked because this has helped them adapt to the sandy and dry weather on Tatooine. These two species are closely related, even though people often associate the Tusken Raiders more with humans because of their stature and stance. Both of these species, however, share the same ancestors. It is believed that Tatooine had a lush, tropical climate in the ancient past. During that time, it was inhabited by the Kumumgah, the common ancestor of the Jawas and the Tusken Raiders.

What is the population of Tatooine?

While the movies do not address the population of Tatooine, according to the books, Tatooine has a population of 200,000. The majority of this population is Jawas and Tusken Raiders.

What are some of the most prominent tribes on Tatooine?

It is revealed in the Boba Fett series that Tatooine is divided into tribes. Each tribe has its trade, economy, and leadership. These tribes are often humans who settled on Tatooine together and expanded or brought in new settlers. The Jawas and the Tusken Raiders also have their tribes. Because of the leadership of crime lord Jabba the Hutt, their tribes and the planet were full of gangs, such as the Tatooine Dust Vipers.

Who are the Jawa?

These little creatures are native to Tatooine. When I say little, I mean that each one was only about a meter tall. They have adapted to the planet’s harsh climate and work as scavengers to survive.

What does the Jawa look like?

Jawa is hidden under their heavy robes because of the harsh climate, wind, and sand on Tatooine. When old enough to walk, they are given an insulated robe and moisture regulation. They never take these robes off. Their appearance under the robes is a mystery. Many people living on Tatooine believe they look like giant rodents or even deformed humans. 

Are any of the Jawas Jedis?

Yes, there have been Jawas who were part of the Jedi Order. For example, Akial was a Jawa who was a Jedi during the years of the Republic. He trained on the planet Almas. 

What do Jawas do?

The Jawas are scavengers on the planet Tatooine. They look for droids or scraps from ships that they then sell to the locals. They are typically the first ones on the scene when a ship crashes so they can take the scrap metal and parts. This is how they survive.

They usually do not stay in one place, scavenging the entire planet’s sands for things they can sell. They did develop a negative reputation with many people because they could be, for lack of a better phrase, con artists. Many of the things they sold were hastily put together or did not work. Despite this reputation, they can still sell successfully because of the lack of options on Tatooine. 

What language do the Jawa speak?

The Jawas in Star Wars speak Jawaease. This is their native language. It is a combination of both spoken words and scent. It is nearly impossible for other species to understand their language. They have developed a “Jawa Trade Talk” that allows them to communicate with others enough to trade. 

Are Tusken Raiders from Tatooine?

Tusken Raiders are natives of Tatooine. Because of their background on this planet and its competition for resources, they are very territorial creatures, often making them seem violent. The Tusken Raiders are also referred to as the Sand People. 

Are Tusken Raiders human?

While Tusken Raiders have a stance similar to humans, they are not human. Because of the harsh climate on Tatooine, they are always seen wearing cloaks, so no one knows what they look like underneath their protective coverings. It is believed that they share a common ancestor with the Jawa. Anakin Skywalker was one of the few who had seen the Tusken Raiders unmasked, and he confirmed that they were not human. Tusken Raiders do not have the mental capacity to become part of the Jedi Order.

Are Tusken Raiders good or bad?

The Tusken Raiders are portrayed in Star Wars as being bad. In fact, in one of the first encounters with Tusken Raiders in the movies, they attack Luke Skywalker without any reason. Obi-Wan scares them away, which is the only way to get them to stop. They are territorial and will attack anyone threatening their resources or territory.

What are some other names for Tusken Raiders?

Tusken Raiders are frequently referred to as the Sand People. They are also referred to simply as Tuskens. The children of Tusken Raiders are referred to as Uli-ah.

What language do Tusken Raiders speak?

The native language of the Tusken Raiders is Tusken. It combines grunts, moans, honks, barks, and other vocal sounds. While other species cannot understand their language, they can communicate with them through sign language. 

Did Jabba the Hut live on Tatooine?

Jabba the Hut was, for many years, a gangster crime lord on the planet of Tatooine, where he ruled from his palace. He created a massive criminal empire from this location all over the galaxy. 

Did Jabba protect the natives of Tatooine?

Jabba offered protection to the natives of Tatooine if they would do his bidding when he required it of them. He was a crime lord with a large following, so many of the natives did look to him for protection. Gangs started to form throughout the planet, with their loyalty to Jabba the Hutt. This proved dangerous for natives who were not part of any gang or crime group.

Why did Obi-Wan pick Tatooine for Luke Skywalker?

There were many reasons why Tatooine was chosen for Luke’s safety, but the main reason was Anakin’s hatred of the planet. He felt confident that Anakin would never again set foot on Tatooine. His placement on Tatooine helped him keep Luke from being discovered by Darth Vader.

Who does Luke live with on Tatooine?

Owen and Beru Lars, who was entrusted with him, were raised on Tatooine by Luke Skywalker. He was raised on a moisture farm that had been in the Lars family for several generations. Luke lived with them from when he was an infant until he was 19 years old. This farm was burned down, and the Galactic Empire killed the couple who owned it.

Did Anakin Skywalker ever live on Tatooine?

When Anakin Skywalker was a child, he and his mother were slaves on Tatooine. He left Tatooine to train to become a Jedi. When he returned to Tatooine, he discovered his mother had been killed. Because of this, he hated the planet and never returned.

Who lived on Tatooine before it was a desert?

The Kumumgah were ancient inhabitants of Tatooine before it became a dry desertland. It is said that it was a luscious, green planet, but the sun-dried it and put it into a longstanding drought. The natives had to conform and adapt to the change in the climate.

What do the inhabitants of Tatooine in Star Wars wear?

The inhabitants of Tatooine, mainly the Jawa and the Tusken Raiders, can always be seen masked and in thick cloaks. This is to protect them from the harsh environment. Their cloaks help them keep in moisture. They are insulated and moisture regulated. These were rough spun and can withstand just about any type of weather. They usually had bindings on their wrists and ankles to hold their cloaks closed so that sand could not get in. These protected their bodies from windburn and sunburn. You may notice that the Jedi dress similarly to the humans on Tatooine. That is because they choose to dress conservatively and modestly. It represents the lifestyle that they have chosen

Is it dangerous to live on Tatooine?

Tatooine is considered a dangerous planet. The harsh climate and lack of water and resources make it dangerous for any lifeform, especially those not accustomed to this weather. The planet is also full of crime, mainly due to the leadership of Jabba the Hutt. Some gangs are very dangerous that have formed all over the planet. The Tusken Raiders are also very territorial and can be violent to anyone who enters their territory. The Jawa can be violent if they are attempting to take something for trade.

Tatooine is a dangerous planet home to the native Tusken Raiders and Jawa, who have adapted to its harsh, dry climate. 

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