Best Lightsaber for Duels and Stunts

When looking for the best lightsaber for duels and stunts, it is important to consider the features of each lightsaber and how they will affect what you plan to do with it. It is important to consider aspects of both the blade and the hilt. Let’s talk about what are the best lightsabers for duels and stunts, as well as some tips and tricks on how to properly use them.

Best Lightsaber for Stunts

Lightsaber stunts can be tricky and take a lot of practice, but they can have very impressive results. When choosing a lightsaber to use for your stunts, there are several things that you need to consider about the blade and about the hilt. 

Lightsaber Blade Considerations for Stunts

Stunt sabers typically have no sounds, so this is something that you will want to keep in mind when choosing your saber. If you have one that does make sound or has a soundboard, see if it is possible to turn the sound off for your stunts, then back on for dueling. Galactic Sabers offers sabers with soundboards that can be adjusted appropriately.

Best Lightsaber for Duels and Stunts

This Dual Tone Saber (image above) is one of my favorites to use for stunts. If color is important to you, this saber is a great choice. It comes with 12 different color choices for the blade and they can be changed at any time. 

If you would like your blade to have a more vibrant and even color for your stunts, Galactic Sabers offers a Pixel option (an upgrade from the standard RGB option) that has very high-quality LED lights. They are placed throughout the blade giving it a nice, even color throughout. This is very important for visual effects during your lightsaber stunts.

Lightsaber Hilt Considerations for Stunts

Because the hilt is the part of the lightsaber that you will be holding during lightsaber stunts, it is very important to consider which style works the best for you. If you want something that is more for the show, this Crystal of Ilum Inspired saber (image below) is a fan favorite. You can actually see the crystal through an opening in the hilt, which looks very impressive. 

If you want something to use as a cosplay of your favorite character, Galactic Sabers Co has sabers inspired by Anakin, Kenobi, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Leia, Yoda, Ahsoka, Kylo, Luke, and Rey. It is very important to consider during stunts which lightsaber best matches one of the characters you are representing. 

Best Lightsaber for Dueling

Just like with lightsaber stunts, when you are choosing a lightsaber for dueling, you want to pay careful consideration to both the blade and to the hilt. You want something that is sturdy but also has impressive visual and sound effects that will stun and defeat your opponent. 

You can choose from a double-ended saber, like Darth Maul’s, or even an exact replica of Luke Skywalkers or Anakin Skywalkers. If you prefer a double lightsaber, you can even choose a replica of Ahsoka’s saber (image above), which is a dual saber that is perfect for dueling. Galactic Sabers has plenty of options to choose from that are sure to impress (and help you win your duel!).

Lightsaber Blade Considerations for Dueling

Two important things to consider in the lightsaber blade are the visual effects and the sound effects. Galactic Sabers come with both “flash on clash” and “blaster” modes, which make dueling seem as real as it can possibly get. The sounds in these sabers are ultra-loud and come from a high-quality soundboard, not to mention they are near-perfect replicas.

The lights in the blade of the saber are also important for visual effects during a duel. You want to make sure that you choose the saber color that best reflects your personality. 

Learn more about the saber colors and their meanings in this article explaining their significance (an ultimate saber guide!). You also want to make sure that the light in the blade of your saber is bright and very high quality. Galactic Sabers offers two lighting options for your lightsaber. One is the basic RGB lighting, or you can upgrade to Pixel lighting. The Pixel lighting has very even coloring throughout the blade and has very bright LED lights.

Lightsaber Hilt Considerations for Dueling

The hilt is another very important consideration when dueling, especially because this is the part of the lightsaber that you will be holding. You will want one that you can firmly grip and that is also extremely sturdy, especially if you participate in heavy dueling. You also want to consider the appearance of the hilt for show purposes. If you want something that is unique, opt for the Gold Saber. Gold saber hilts are very rare, and this one is metallic and impressive, while also being sturdy enough for dueling. Rey’s Graflex Inspired Saber (image below) is another choice with a unique hilt. Like Rey’s in the movies, this one has a leather strap around it. This may also help with the grip of your saber in a duel.

RGB versus Neopixels

The main difference between the two types is how they light up. RGB blades are lit by an LED unit that is installed into the lightsaber. They do not have any LED lights in them. This is a great option, but it is not as bright as one that is lit with neopixels. The neopixel sabers have dozens of LED lights throughout the blades. This gives them better clarity than the RGB blades and ensures that the light is equal throughout the blade. 

Dueling Methods

The lightsaber that you choose should also be based on your method of dueling. The most common form is Shii-Cho. This is the most basic and was the original method that all other methods branched off of. You can also learn Makash or Soresu. Once you have learned the focus of your method, you will be able to better choose your appropriate lightsaber.

The Best Lightsabers for Light to Medium Dueling

If you are new to dueling or do not do it very often, a basic, beginner saber would be a good choice for you. The best beginner saber is this Padawan Saber. It is simple and stylish, a perfect choice for someone who is just beginning to practice their lightsaber skills. For something a little more advanced than the Padawan Saber, the Apprentice Saber is a great choice. This durable saber has a black and silver hilt that is ideal for light to medium dueling. 

Best Lightsabers for Heavy Dueling

For heavy dueling, you will want something more advanced than the Apprentice or Padawan Saber.  For a step up from these, select either the Guardian (image above), the Knight, or, if you are very advanced, Master Saber. Not only are these good for heavy dueling, but they also can represent your advanced technique, as you have moved past the levels of Padawan and Apprentice. These Sabers all come with flash-on clash and blaster modes, and they are designed specifically for dueling, so they are extremely sturdy.

Why Galactic Sabers are the Best for Dueling

Galactic Sabers makes high-quality sabers that are specifically designed for dueling. Because of this, they are extremely sturdy and durable. They also include features that many other sabers do not, such as a Pixel light option and high-tech, high-quality soundboards. 

These sabers also come with Blaster mode and Flash on Clash mode, making them extra realistic during duels. The removable blades make them easy to transport to and from a duel or even a cosplay event. Galactic Sabers also offers cases to transport them in that will even hold several accessories. They also come with a USB charger and have enough of a lifespan to withstand even a lengthy duel.

Lightsaber Combat Readiness Tips

Before you begin lightsaber duels or stunts, you need to know a few basic moves so that you are prepared. The most basic form of lightsaber combat is the Shii-Cho method. This is where all lightsaber combat methods originated from. For lightsaber combat, the body is divided into zones. 

Lightsaber Combat Zones

Zone 1 – The Head

Zone 1 in lightsaber combat is your head. A Zone 1 attack is a vertical chop on the opponent’s head. The defense for this strike is to block it horizontally.

Zone 2 – RIght Arm & Right Side

Zone 2 in lightsaber combat is your right arm and right side of your body. A horizontal side swipe is used in a Zone 2 attack. The defense for this type of attack is the use of a vertical parry position.

Zone 3 – Left Arm & Left Side

Zone 3 in lightsaber combat is your left arm and the left side of your body. The attack and defense for this zone are the same as Zone 2 but on the opposite side.

Zone 4 – The Back (and the Torso)

Zone 4 in lightsaber combat is your back. A Zone 4 attack is the most fatal attack. The blade goes into your back and downwards during a Zone 4 attack. The defense for this is difficult, but the best way is to hold your blade behind your back at waist level with the blade going vertically upwards.

Zones 5 & 6 – Legs

Zones 5 and 6 in lightsaber combat are your right and left legs. A Zone 5 or 6 attack is usually a swipe or slash to the legs. The best defense for this attack is to hold the hilt of your lightsaber at your waist and block your legs with the blade. 

Dueling Rings of Defense

In lightsaber duels, there are three rings of defense – outer, middle, and inner. The outer ring of defense is when you use large motions to do powerful, wide attacks. The middle ring of defense is for blocking quicker blows and deflecting blaster shots. The inner ring of defense is a last resort line of defense. It involves holding the hilt at your navel and blocking lunging attacks.


It is very important to stretch before any lightsaber duel. They can be very physically taxing and this is a good way to ensure that your body is ready. Stretches also help with flexibility which is key in a lightsaber duel.


As with any physical activity, it is important to remember to practice proper safety measures. Make sure that you and your opponent have talked over the rules prior to your lightsaber duel. Make sure that you are in an open space and that you have a first aid kit on hand in case of any injury.

Holding the Hilt Correctly

This is important for proper form and technique in a lightsaber duel. You want to make sure that you have a firm grip so that the lightsaber does not leave your grasp.

Lightsaber Dueling Tricks

Martial Arts Stances

To be successful in lightsaber dueling, it is very beneficial to learn martial arts stances. At the very least, you should learn some of the basic stances. Those who are skilled in other forms of martial arts often excel in lightsaber combat. The most important stance to know is the Jedi Ready stance. Your dominant foot should be placed forward, your hilt should be on the same level as your hips, and your blade should be pointed up and in the direction of your opponent.

Spinning a Lightsaber

If you are a beginner, spinning a lightsaber is probably one of the first things that you want to learn how to do before a duel. You won’t want to show up not knowing how to do anything except swing your lightsaber around. You want to impress your opponent with tricks such as spinning your saber.

There are a lot of resources that will teach you how to spin properly, but the simplest way to explain it would be to hold the hilt with one hand at waist level and hold the blade at a 45-degree angle. Swing it down and while you are doing that, twist your hand to move it away from your body and move the blade in a vertical path.

Loosen your grip and let it continue to spin around while moving your hand in a circular motion. Like with any lightsaber trick, this will take practice and experience, but it will definitely give you an advantage in a lightsaber duel.

Once you have gotten the basic spin mastered, there are other types of lightsaber spins that you can practice and learn. 

A Basic Throw

This is one of the first tricks that you will learn after mastering your spin, and it is relatively simple once you have learned to do it. You basically just hold it by your side at waist level and point it down. Swing it towards the ground a little and then let go. If done properly, it will do a complete 360-degree spin and you can catch it at the hilt.

The Senseless Spin

This is a popular trick that is often seen in lightsaber duels, but it is more advanced than just a basic spin. With this spin, you keep your lightsaber in continuous motion, spinning it around in front of your body, to your back, and back to your front. You basically do the basic lightsaber spin continuously while moving it around your body.

Lightsaber Twirl

This trick is carried out the best with a double-ended lightsaber (think Darth Maul). With this move, you are essentially doing the senseless spin around your body, but with a double-sided saber. It definitely looks impressive in a duel and can help you win, but it takes a lot of practice.

Other Lightsaber Tricks

There are plenty of other lightsaber tricks that you can learn besides just spinning the saber. Once you have learned to properly wield and spin your lightsaber, you can begin to practice footwork, which is especially helpful when you are on the defense in a duel. 

You can also learn strategic methods of defense, new ways to spin, and more. Most of the tricks that you can do will depend on the type of saber that you choose. Be sure to look at all of the photos and descriptions provided by Galactic Sabers to make sure that you choose the one that is best for the tricks that you want to do.

Whether you want to duel with your lightsaber or simply show off some tricks and stunts, Galactic Sabers has the perfect lightsaber options for you to choose from. With their impressive lighting and soundboards, as well as attention to detail, these sabers are sure to impress and excel in a lightsaber duel. Before you choose the best one for you, be sure to research which color best fits your personality, and consider all aspects that are important to you in a duel.

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