What is the force & How it Works In Star Wars

Whether or not you have seen all of the Star Wars movies, you have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “May the Force Be With You.” What is the Force? The Force in Star Wars seems mysterious and powerful, which has had people questioning it for years – Where did it come from? How do you use it? Is it good or bad? We are here to answer all of those questions and help you better understand the Force in Star Wars.

What is the Force in Star Wars?

The Force is a fictional element in Star Wars that gives a Jedi or Sith his powers.The Force is an essential part of the Star Wars universe. It is a thought developed by George Lucas that was inspired by aspects of several real life, ancient religions, such as Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism. He has also attributed it to a phrase mentioned in the film 21-87 that, summarized, states that human beings are more than complex machines, they are aware of some kind of force when they are in touch with nature and other living things.

In the galactic world of Star Wars, the Force is described by Obi Wan as a field of energy that was created by life and it connects everything in the universe. Because it was created by life, it is present in every living thing. There is the Cosmic Force and there is the Living Force. These two are how living beings are connected throughout the galaxy. When someone is no longer living, they become “one with the Force” and enter the Cosmic Force, which powers the Living Force. 

What Are the Origins of the Force in Star Wars?

The origins of the Force have been debated throughout the years, with no definitive answer. Each species in Star Wars has their own name for the Force and their own story behind it, so tracing the origins is difficult, other than to say that when life began, so did the Force. The Force was discovered when a group of philosophers got together in ancient history and discussed mythical powers.

Is the Force in Star Wars Real?

While the Force in Star Wars is fictional, it is based on real aspects from ancient religions. George Lucas developed it to invoke a sense of spirituality in viewers, which suggests a belief in God without a suggestion to any specific religion. Many people do believe that something similar to the Force exists in real life that connects all living things, but it is not scientifically proven.

Can the Force in Star Wars be Destroyed?

To put it simply, no, the Force in Star Wars cannot be destroyed. As long as there is life, the Force will be in existence. Where there is a lack of the Force, there is a lack of life. Nothing is impossible to the Force. For example, when the Sith emperor removed life from Scourge, and later went to the location, he could not survive and felt sick because of the lack of the presence of the Force (which was not destroyed, but was not present in this place because of the lack of life). 

Is the Force in Star Wars a God or a deity?

No, the Force is not a God. It is not a “being” at all. It is more of an energy force that is always present. While it is based on religion and a higher energy, it is not based on a God.

Who discovered the Force in Star Wars?

In early history, philosophers from all over the universe got together on Tython to talk about their knowledge. This is when the Force was officially recorded as being discovered. Years later, some of these philosophers started using the Force for power, which led to the Force Wars. After this, the peace-minded who survived formed the Jedi Order.

What is the force

Can Anyone Use the Force?

While every life form has a place in the Force, not every life form can use the Force. Only certain beings, called Jedi’s, were able to use the Force. Those who can use the Force can also feel the Force. For example, when there are multiple deaths, they can sense the loss of life that is happening in the Force. It is important to keep in mind that there are many characters in Star Wars that are mechanical, not living, such as droids. These beings are unable to feel the Force. Those who do have sensitivity to the Force can enhance many of their abilities, including mental, physical, and natural.

Sensitivity to the Force

Those who are sensitive to the Force in Star Wars have a natural connection to it. While The Force is a part of all life forms, having a sensitivity to it is very rare. The sensitivity begins at birth, but those with it must be properly trained in its use. According to Yoda, this should ideally happen in younger childhood. Those with this sensitivity to the Force have learned to coordinate their midi-chlorans, the microorganisms in cells through which the Force runs. Those who are sensitive to the Force have high numbers of these microorganisms. According to George Lucas, this is all based on the endosymbiotic theory. They can be compared to mitochondria. 

Is the Force Inherited Genetically in Star Wars?

Being able to sense the Force is often a trait that is passed on genetically from parent to offspring. For example, Anakin Skywalker was sensitive to the Force, and this was passed on to his children, Luke and Leia. But in some cases, such as the son of Emperor Palpatine, the parent has the sensitivity, but the child (who was created as a clone) does not. His granddaughter, Rey, does inherit the Force from her grandfather. If children who are sensitive to the Force are not properly trained in its use, they may only be able to use single aspects of the Force, rather than all of them. 

What are some things that people can do with The Force?

The Force enhances many human abilities. It can give a character great strength, which is seen in actions such as force jumps and slow falls. It can also provide them with amazing accuracy. Characters with The Force can also use telekinesis, see the future, levitate, and even have enhanced speed and reflexes. Users of the Force in Star Wars are also adept in light saber combat. These are all “powers” that are displayed in the Star Wars movies. In the extended universe of the Star Wars galaxy, other powers are shown. One of these is being able to either heal or take the life out of others. Many other abilities are shown in the Clone Wars.

What could weaken someone’s use of the Force?

If someone used too much power from the Force, they would experience physical ailments, such as early aging or weakness. They could even die by burning their cells from overuse. This typically happened in users of the Dark Side of the Force.

Stress or fatigue could weaken someone’s use of the Force in Star Wars. If they become too tired or weakened, it could be hours or even days before they could use the Force again. This did not have to be physical weakness, it can also be mental weakness. They have to be calm and clear minded before using the Force again. Emotions can also weaken ones use of the Force. For those who practice the Dark Side, this can be emotions such as happiness or peace. For those who practice the Light Side of the Force, this could happen through aggression and anger.

How to Use the Force in Star Wars

The Living Force

The Force in Star Wars has four different ways in which it can be used. The first is through the use of the Living Force. This is the part of the Force that connects living things. The use of this part of the Force requires a lot of focus on instincts and concentration on things in the present. Users of this part of the Force believe that the present contains the answers to the future. To use this aspect of the Force, the character has to let go of their emotions and live in the present. The most well-known user of this aspect of the Force in Star Wars is Qui-Gon Jinn.

The Unifying Force

The Unifying Force in Star Wars is the part of the Force that focuses on the future. Those who use this part of the Force have to have a deeper level of understanding than the users of the Living Force. With this part of the Force, they can see significant events that will happen in the future. This aspect of the Force believes that there is no dark side or light side. Everything is equal, nothing is completely good or completely bad. The most well-known user of this aspect of the Force in Star Wars is Yoda.

The Cosmic Force

The Cosmic Force in Star Wars is the part of the Force that allows those who use it to become one with the Force. They can also present themselves as a ghost through the Force. They can even present themselves to someone after death. The Cosmic Force is best described as the energy that will connect a being to the Force. 

The Physical Force

The Physical Force in Star Wars is the part of the Force that lets someone manipulate objects. This is often depicted when characters hold out their hand and exert the Force to move objects. When someone in Star Wars uses telepathy or a Force push, they are using the Physical Force. 

What is Force Lightning in Star Wars?

Force Lightning is exactly what it sounds like – it is lightning that is channeled from the Force. It is exerted through a user’s limbs, such as their arms and hands and can be thrown onto their enemy. Force Lightning in Star Wars is mostly associated with the dark side, but it could also be used for good if used properly. Not everyone with The Force learns to use this power. It is most commonly known as the main power of Palpatine. Rey was shown to use Force Lightning for good. She exerted it out of her fear of losing Chewy when she was trying to save him. 

How Does the Jedi Order Use the Force in Star Wars?

The Jedi’s are a group of those who are sensitive to the Force who teach the Light side of the Force. It was their goal to maintain peace in the galaxy. They follow the Jedi Code, which outlines how they can and cannot live and use the Force. They believe that the Force has both a light side and dark side, or a good side and a bad side. They strived to live selfless lives, which gave them an advantage over the Siths, who use the Force for evil and power.

The Jedi always tried to keep the Force in balance. They tried to do this by eliminating the Sith and their darkness from the Force. According to the Jedi, passion and anger were dangerous, and they learned to suppress these emotions. If a jedi had strong emotions, it could turn them to the dark side. 

How Do the Dark Side and the Sith Order Use the Force in Star Wars?

According to the Jedi, the Dark Side of the Force was seeded from fear, passion, and selfishness. It was also rooted in a hatred towards living things. The stronger these emotions were, the stronger the person’s power was in the Dark Side. Users of the dark side of the Force were typically looking for personal power. It is important to note that there are a few light side Jedis that could use dark side powers. The Sith Order was structured similarly to the Jedi Order, but practiced the Dark Side of the Force. There was always a Dark Lord who was the head of the Sith Order. 

How to Explain the Force in Star Wars

The best way to explain the Force in Star Wars is that it is the energy that is created by all living things that connects them to the universe. When someone harnesses the Force, it gives them great power and abilities. They can do things such as levitate objects, see the future, and even mind tricks. It is important to note that while users can harness the Force and use certain aspects of it, the Force in Star Wars has a mind of its own. 

Is the Force Good or Bad?

The Force can be both good and bad, depending on who is using it and for what purpose they are using it. There are some who believe that the Force is neither good nor bad. Most believe that the Force can either be used for darkness or for light, but that it is too complex to be strictly one or the other. 

Using the Force for Good

The Jedi are those who use the Force in Star Wars for good. Some people, though, may change paths, such as Anakin Skywalker. He began questioning whether or not the Force was being used for good by the Jedi, which eventually led to him turning to the dark side. The Force is often seen as a sign of hope, even by characters who do not possess sensitivity to it.

Using the Force for Evil

The Sith are those who use the power of the Force in Star Wars for evil, or those who have turned to the “dark side”. These are typically people who are thirsting for power. To use the dark side of the Force, users have to tap into their emotions and passions, which are things that users on the light side of the Force learn to repress. This side of the Force is fueled by greed and fear. If a character cannot properly conquer the evil side of the Force, they become devoured by it. 

What is the Gray Force?

The Gray Force in Star Wars is a view based in religion that there are no sides to the Force, whether good or bad. The Gray Force is a combination of both sides, dark and light. People who use the Gray Force are trained in both light and dark, which gives them better control over their use of the Force.

What is the Potentium Belief of the Force?

The Jedi Order disapproved of the Potentium Belief of the Force in Star Wars. This was the belief that the Force was and the galaxy was only good, not evil. They believed that the Dark Side was only present in those who used it, and it was a result of their emotions. They believed that as long as the intentions were good, the Force could be used however they wanted. 

What are the other names for the Force in Star Wars?

The Power of the Kosmos

The Kwa refer to the Force as The Power of the Kosmos. The Kwa were an ancient species who lived on Dathomir in the Outer Rim. They were extremely fast and used The Power of the Kosmos for telepathy.

Breath of Gelgelar

The Wise Man of Kooroo, a resident of Gelgelar, refers to the Force in Star Wars as the Breath of Gelgelar. He was the original Jedi on Gelgelar, though they did not yet know what that was. He was one of the first to participate in lightsaber combat.

The Way

In ancient times, the Force in Star Wars was referred to as The Way. Those who referred to the Force as The Way believed that the Force had a moral compass and could be used for either light or for darkness.

The White Current

The Force in Star Wars was referred to as The White Current by the Fallanassi. They described it as a “river” that ran through all of the galaxies and connected everything together. They believed that a single being could not alter the current of the Force. They immersed themselves in this Current and allowed it to run through them, embracing the White Current. Because they allowed it to flow through them, they possessed different abilities than many users of the Force.

Who was the Chosen One with the Force in Star Wars?

In Star Wars, the Chosen One was supposed to be someone who was very strong with the Force and has a high amount of midi-chlorians. This person’s destiny was to change the Force forever. This was believed to be either Anakin or Luke Skywalker, who both had the highest amount of midi-chlorians that the jedis had ever seen. Anakin, after choosing the dark side, comes back to the light and proves that he is the chosen one. 

Disturbances in the Force

When there are large numbers of deaths or suffering, those who possess sensitivity to the Force can sense a disturbance in the Force. If a powerful Sith or Jedi is nearby, a disturbance can also be felt. An example of this happening in Star Wars is when Alderaan is destroyed. Obi-Wan can sense what happens. He describes it as if “millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

Darth Sidious feels a disturbance in the Force when he realizes that Luke Skywalker is a threat to him. When Yoda feels a disturbance in the Force that he knows is a great number of deaths, you will see him in great emotional pain, even falling to the ground as if he himself were in pain. 

The Force in Star Wars is an energy that connects all living things to each other and binds the galaxies together as one. It has been used for both the light and the dark sides.

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