Can You Buy a Real Lightsaber? (Yes, yes you can!)

A lightsaber is the most iconic weapon in science fiction history.  Can You Buy a Real Lightsaber? Whether you want to have a lightsaber duel, hang one on your wall, or just tell people that you have a real lightsaber, yes you can. These lightsabers are the best lightsaber replicas available, and they are available for you to own and have in your home. 

Why Buy a Lightsaber from Galactic Sabers?

Whether you want to duel, do cosplay, or display an authentic saber, our lightsabers are the closest that you will find to ones from the Star Wars galactic universe. These sabers are high quality and are made from 6063 aluminum, so they are strong enough to use for a duel. They are made with the highest quality soundboards. Each saber can be ordered in either RGB or Neopixels. Many of these sabers even flash on impact, making duels extremely authentic.

RGB vs. Neopixels

The main difference between the two types is how they light up. RGB blades are lit by an LED unit that is installed into the lightsaber. They do not have any LED lights in them. This is a great option, but it is not as bright as one that is lit with neopixels. The neopixel sabers have dozens of LED lights throughout the blades. This gives them better clarity than the RGB blades and ensures that the light is equal throughout the blade. 

Which Real Lightsabers Are Available from Galactic Sabers?

Galactic Sabers offers a wide variety of sabers, including many that are inspired by your favorite Star Wars characters. If you do not want one that is inspired by a character, there is a basic lightsaber. There are even different levels of sabers that you can have, whether you are a Padawan, an Apprentice, a Guardian, a Knight, or even a Master, there is a saber for every ability. While these are not plasma beams and do not extract the hot plasma, they are extremely realistic and are nearly exact replicas of those that were used in the Star Wars movies.

Ahsoka Inspired Dual Sabers

When Ahsoka was a young Padawan, she used a green saber. When she became skilled in dueling, she built a second saber that was much shorter than the first. This saber is rarer than other sabers, as it is a set of two lightsabers.  This lightsaber replica includes 12 RGB colors or can also be upgraded to a neopixel blade. It has two different sound modes and is perfect for dueling. This is a sturdy lightsaber that is sure to impress. 

Anakin Inspired Graflex Saber

Because Graflex parts were used to construct Anakin’s saber, it has become known as the Graflex Saber. His lightsaber was green. This one is a near-perfect replica of Anakin’s Graflex Saber. It is tough enough for dueling and, like most Galactic Sabers, has two sound modes.

Crystal of Ilum Inspired Saber

A Kyber crystal is what lights up a saber and gives it its color. These crystals are frequently found on the planet Ilum in its icy caves. That crystal is what gives this saber its name. In this Crystal of Ilum Inspired Saber, you can actually see the crystal, which sets it apart from other sabers. This crystal will glow in whichever color you set for your blade.

Dual Tone Saber

Dual-tone lightsabers contain two or more Kyber crystals. This gives them the ability to get shorter or longer during duels. This saber has a black metal handle and for the blade, you can select either a Standard RGB or a neopixel blade. This dual-tone saber comes in 12 different colors, so you can change it whenever you need to. It also has 6 different sound options that are already installed.

Fallen Order Inspired Dual Sabers

In Fallen Order, dual sabers are much better at blocking attacks. This double-ended saber is a different color on each end and the colors can be changed. While using a double-ended saber in a duel can be an adjustment, this one is very well balanced. It has two sound modes to choose from.

Fallen Order V3 Inspired Saber

This replica Fallen Order-inspired saber has amazing attention to detail. It is almost an exact replica of the highly requested Fallen Order saber. It is extremely well balanced and easy to yield in a duel. It is highly customizable and has color-changing features. It has two sound modes and a blade with interchangeable colors.

FX V1 Saber

This saber is for you if you want one that is as authentic as they come but doesn’t necessarily replicate one from a specific character. This saber comes with 12 different colors to choose from in the RGB version. This FX V1 Saber is customizable and is one of the most popular lightsaber replicas.

Galactic Savior

Galactic Savior Sabers were designed to be extremely powerful. They are specifically built to duel. These were designed to slice through even the toughest droids in only a few swings. It has a very thick metal hilt, making it very sturdy during a duel. It is also very well balanced.

Gold Saber

Gold lightsabers are very uncommon in Star Wars. Those who have a gold lightsaber are very powerful. This gold saber definitely stands out from all of the usual black and silver sabers. This saber comes with 2 sound modes and 1 light color.

Kenobi Inspired Original Lightsaber

Kenobi had 3 lightsabers, but his first was a green blade with a hilt that was similar to the one that belonged to Qui-Gon Jinn. So much time and effort were put into the design of this saber that it is sure to impress. It spent over a year in the design phase! It has a soundboard that includes an SD card and also has extra pre-installed sounds. The blade, which has 12 built-in colors, can be removed from this Kenobi-inspired lightsaber.

Kenobi Inspired Third Saber

This is an exact replica of Obi-Wan’s third lightsaber. It is available in either RGB or pixel. This saber has an extremely bright blade and very impressive sound effects. With all of the upgrades that are included, this saber is ideal for a cosplay event. The blade can be removed from this saber. It also has flash on clash mode.

Kylo Inspired Saber

Kylo’s lightsaber has a very distinct appearance. It is a red saber and also has 2 crossguard red blades that come out of the sides at the bottom. This saber has a soundboard that comes with 12 pre-installed sound options. It also has a flash-on clash which looks very impressive in a duel.

Leia Inspired Saber

Princess Leia Organa’s saber is a blue-bladed saber. She got this saber during her training under her brother, Luke Skywalker. This Leia-inspired lightsaber has 9 installed sounds. It is very well-balanced and has a smooth swing.

Can You Buy a Real Lightsaber

Luke V1 Saber

Luke Skywalker had several sabers, but his first one was the iconic blue lightsaber. This saber was originally owned by his father, Anakin Skywalker. This saber is based on Luke’s second saber that he created himself when he no longer wanted to use his fathers. It even features the side buttons, making it look extremely authentic. It is handcrafted, making it even more authentic to the fact that Luke created his own saber. 

Luke V2 Saber

This is the ideal saber for a Luke Skywalker cosplay. It is one of the most iconic lightsabers in the entire Star Wars galaxy. This is also a great option for dueling, as it is very sturdy and has blaster mode, as well as flash-on clash. In the standard option you can choose from 12 colors, or you can upgrade to the superior version and have an even more premium dueling experience.

Master Yoda Inspired Saber

Though Yoda barely ever used his lightsaber, his saber is an iconic green. It is smaller than a standard Jedi saber to support his smaller stature. Do not let the size of this saber confuse you. It is a very strong, sturdy saber that will withstand a duel. 

Maul Inspired Saber

Darth Maul’s lightsaber is the memorable double-ended red saber. His saber was red because he was part of the dark side. This saber is crafted to be a perfect replica of Darth Maul’s lightsaber in Star Wars. It includes two hilts and two blades. It has 12 different color choices and 6 different sound settings.

Revan Inspired Saber

Revan’s Sith lightsaber was used both during and even before his reign as Dark Lord Sith.  He used both a single-bladed blue lightsaber and also a purple lightsaber which represented his independence from the Jedi Council. This saber is a perfect replica of Revan’s saber and has a sturdy metal hilt.

Rey’s Graflex Inspired Saber

Rey’s Graflex saber was modeled after Anakin’s original Graflex saber. It has a blue blade. This lightsaber is practically identical to Reys, even including the leather grip. It is one of the most iconic styles of lightsabers and is sure to impress anyone, whether in a duel or on display. 

Sidious Inspired Saber

Darth Sidious had very unique lightsabers. He owned two twin sabers. These were made of electrum, phrik, and aurodium. Because he was so secretive with his actions, his sabers were rarely seen. It has a gold and silver combo and is reminiscent of the High Republic era. 

The Apprentice Saber

An apprentice saber is easy to use. It is made to be light and quick. This is a step up from a padawan lightsaber but can still be used during lightsaber training. It is black and silver and very sturdy. It has two sound modes and is available in either RGB or Pixel blades.

The Guardian Saber

Guardian sabers are designed for heavy dueling. They are very sturdy. This saber in particular is double-ended. If you are skilled in the use of the Force but the Jedi path is not for you, this is your ideal saber. With this real-life lightsaber, you can join the ranks of the Sentinels. Those with this blade are dedicated to protecting sacred items.

The Knight Saber

An Imperial Knight lightsaber had white blades and was used by the Imperial Knights. Once you have moved up to the Knight saber, you have little left to learn from your master. When you have reached the Knight Saber, you are ready to forge your own path. This Knight Saber is very sturdy in lightsaber battles.

The Master Saber

By the time you have reached Master Saber, you are excelling in your use of the Force. You have surpassed your peers and you have a padawan who is very close to becoming a Knight. This sleek saber is well balanced and very strong in a duel and has an impressive lightsaber blade.

The Padawan Saber

The Padawan Saber is ideal for beginners. It is simple and stylish and easy to use if you have never used a saber before. It has a removable blade and two different sound modes. It is a basic but effective lightsaber with impressive lighting that gives the visual of neon lights.

Vader Inspired Saber

Once Darth Vader lost his blue lightsaber, his new one was a crimson red because he had turned to the dark side. This is a perfect replica of Darth Vader’s lightsaber in Star Wars. It is sturdy, tough, and good for dueling, but will also look nice on display. If you ever cosplay Darth Vader, this is the saber for you.

Lightsaber Accessories

Every Jedi knows that there are certain things that you need to go along with your lightsaber. Galactic Sabers has everything you need to complete your collection of Jedi equipment, including robes, plugs, cases, and stands.

Star Wars Inspired Tunic & Robes

If you need something to wear for your Star Wars cosplay, look no further. This tunic set looks completely authentic and is perfect to wear when you wield your lightsaber. It includes a tunic, pants, a belt, and a robe. You can choose your color – brown or black.

Saber Blade Plug

If you have a Neopixel saber and want to display your lightsaber hilt without the blade, a saber blade plug is a must-have. It not only makes it look nice, but it also protects the neopixel component that shows when the blade is not inserted.

Dual Saber Case

Having a saber case when you arrive at a duel automatically makes you look like a professional and gives you a leg up. This case has foam inserts that offer extra protection for your saber. It will hold the hilts and blades as well as accessories.

Acrylic Saber Stand

This stand is the perfect way to display your saber when you are not using it in a duel. It is very secure and will keep your saber safe.

Are these sabers real or replicas?

These lightsabers are as real as a lightsaber can get. They are almost identical replicas of the sabers that are used in the Star Wars movies. With the impressive light effects, the high-tech soundboards, and the attention to detail, you will be able to duel with your saber like a real saber, or you can even display it. 

Will these lightsabers cut through objects?

While these lightsabers do have impressive audio and visual effects, they will not cut through objects. The lightsabers represented in the movies are made of a plasma-type substance that will cut through objects and produce extreme heat.

Which color lightsaber should I choose?

In Star Wars, the color of a lightsaber means certain things, and the color is chosen by the kyber crystal. Before selecting your lightsaber, read over the meaning of each color, then you can select your own. This post will tell you all of the lightsaber colors and their meanings, allowing you to research and choose the one that best suits you and your personality. To select your color, you must know the relationship of the Force to the color spectrum. For example, when someone is trying to use the dark side, the crystal will bleed, making their lightsaber turn red.

The real lightsabers that you can get from Galactic Sabers are extremely authentic. They are handcrafted and intense detail is put into the design. The lights are very bold and clear and they have impressive soundboards. These are the perfect lightsabers for dueling, cosplay, or display. With a saber from Galactic Sabers, you will look like you just came straight out of the Star Wars universe.

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