Refund and Returns Policy


Returns must not be sent back without prior communication from Galactic Sabers Co. Returns within 14 days are only accepted if the lightsaber is unused, undamaged and not taken out of the packaging (including the shipping box it arrived in), we will then offer an exchange or credit.

If the buyer returns a product with or without our consent and has been shipped with the incorrect address details, this is out of our hands and would need to be taken up with the courier. We recommend insuring your return in order to protect against loss or damage.


Should there be an issue with the product’s function and it is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, we will be glad to service or replace the product at our discretion. In the event that we accidentally ship you the wrong item, of course, we will take care of getting you the item you ordered and take care of all shipping charges incurred in making it right. If the product arrives faulty, we can offer a full refund, replacement or repair. If the product develops a fault after a 30 day period, depending on the reason for the fault and whether it was due to mishandling, we are able to offer a full refund, replacement/repair, partial refund or credit.


If a customer registers a chargeback without prior communication with Galactic Sabers Co, we are bound by the Visa chargeback process which would include disputing the claim. Once a chargeback has been disputed we are unable to offer any assistance until the chargeback has been resolved. You can still return the product after a chargeback has been submitted, but this must be done before we dispute any such chargeback claim as we are forced by Visa time constraints to reply. If the product is returned before we dispute, we will accept the chargeback once the product has been assessed. It is always best practice to communicate with one of our friendly customer service agents first as most issues can be resolved through communication, and here at Galactic Sabers Co, we are always wanting to offer the best after care possible.


We will gladly accept cancellations on your order. If the item is a pre-ordered item and has a dispatch time of 15 days or more, we are only able to cancel your order within 14 days of your order. Beyond this time frame, we may still be able to cancel your order, but we will need to charge a 10% cancellation fee.


Limited Warranty covers defects in workmanship for the Product for a period of 12 months from the original date of Receipt from Galactic Sabers Co

This limited Warranty does not cover any damage due to (1) acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper handling, commercial use or modifications of this Product, or normal wear and tear; (2) improper operation or maintenance of this Product; or (3) attempted repair by any party other than Galactic Sabers Co. This includes opening Sabers in a manner in which they are not designed to be opened and opening of the saber without prior communication with Galactic Sabers Co.

*This Limited Warranty does not apply where it is determined by Galactic Sabers Co that there is no fault with the product itself. Repairs not covered by the Limited Warranty may, at Galactic Sabers Co discretion, be carried out at the owner’s expense.

You, the customer, are responsible for the cost of returning the Product to and return shipping from Galactic Sabers Co.

In the event the electronics of the lightsaber become faulty during the warranty period, we will either replace or repair the chassis and its components. However, if it is deemed faulty due to misuse or damage from the customer, then it will be at the discretion of Galactic Sabers Co whether to repair or replace the electronics. In order to prevent any potential damage to the blade or chassis, do not over tighten the blade screws, and carefully place the blade into the lightsaber. If you are using our Proffie Chassis, you must ensure that you only use the provided 16GB SD card. Any attempts to add or update fonts to the SD card should only be done if you know what you are doing.

*If you attempt a repair yourself, then the warranty is VOID.

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Contact us at [email protected] for questions related to refunds and returns.


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