Can a lightsaber cut through beskar
Can a lightsaber cut through beskar

Can a Lightsaber Cut Through Beskar?

Mando with the Darksaber
Din Djarin in beskar armor, wielding the Darksaber

Who hasn’t imagined what it would be like to wield a real-life lightsaber and jump into action? Since the days of Obi-Wan Kenobi, star wars fans have been awestruck by these mysterious weapons, from their intense beams and seemingly magical capabilities to questions surrounding their power.

Perhaps one of the most popular queries among Star Wars devotees is whether or not a lightsaber can cut through beskar – also known as Mandalorian iron. In this post, we’ll explore the answer to this question and dive deeper into the fascinating origins and uses for beskar across scientific fields.

What is beskar and where does it come from

In the Star Wars universe, beskar is an extremely rare form of metal that is used to create armor for Mandalorians. This type of metal is light yet powerful enough to withstand a direct hit from a lightsaber and strong enough to protect the wearer from high-power weapons fire. It comes from the Outer Rim world of Mandalore and it has been used by the Mandalorian culture for centuries. They believe that it has mystical properties and often incorporate symbols into their armor made of beskar which are thought to have religious significance.

The Mandalorians believed all beskar to be their property, however this precious iron ore as well as Mandalore itself had been exploited and ravaged by other groups such as the Empire. Thankfully, the remaining Mandalorians managed to protect the secret art and technique for forging beskar, and with that, managed to protect some of their culture as well.

How strong is beskar and how does it compare to other materials

Beskar Plate

Within the universe of Star Wars, there is no material quite as strong as beskar. This metal is native to the planet Mandalore, homeworld of the proud Mandalorian people. It’s incredibly resilience to melting or cutting makes it practically indestructible; even a lightsaber could not break it easily. In fact, its density is five times greater than that of most other metals found in the star wars universe. Additionally, the hardness of beskar means that it holds an edge very well, reducing the need for sharpening or repairs over time.

This immense strength has made beskar highly sought after by bounty hunters and mercenary forces alike – after all, who wouldn’t want armor they know will protect them from harm? Truly, beskar stands out amongst other star wars materials for its unrivaled durability.

Can a lightsaber cut through beskar

Few materials are as durable and indestructible as Beskar. This unique, highly sought after metal is nearly impenetrable to any physical force. Its resilience even extends to being resistant to lightsabers. Lightsabers are energy-based weapons capable of slicing through anything that isn’t made of pure energy, like other lightsabers. However, due to its strength, a lightsaber can’t penetrate Beskar, at least not right away.

So, can a lightsaber cut through beskar? Technically yes, but it would a long time to for the blade to get through. The lightsaber blade would need to held against the beskar for an extended period of time before it starts to compromise the armor. This scenario would most likely never play out in an actual combat situation, making beskar the ideal defense against a lightsaber attack.

What are some of the potential applications for beskar

Beskar, also referred to as Mandalorian Iron, is a unique metal with amazing properties. Not only is beskar incredibly durable and resistant to many forms of damage, it can also absorb and retain energy like a battery. This makes beskar an ideal material for many applications (other than armor and weapons) across many industries including construction, automotive and electronics fields.

In the construction industry, beskar is perfect for structural supports that need to be reliable and safe while technical components such as antennas in phones or weapon systems could also benefit from beskar’s ability to block out different types of frequencies. Finally, beskar could even be used in the automotive industry due to its strength and heat resistance – ideal for vehicles that must withstand extreme speeds or temperatures.


While there are certainly some downsides to using beskar, such as its cost and rarity, it is undeniable that this metal has immense advantages in combat. If you’re looking for the best possible protection during a fight, there’s no metal quite like beskar. Plus, with its sleek appearance, beskar ingots make for great decoration – or currency! You can grab your own beskar ingots right here from the shop.

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